Forum69 a small and lightweight Ruby on Rails forum. Currently it's being developed using Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 1.2.5, and MySQL 5

How to get started

Step 1: Download the latest stable release here. You can also download the newest source code from the subversion depository. Another option is to browse through the source code first.

svn checkout forum69
svn checkout svn://

Step 2: You should create the 3 databases required for this project "forum69_development", "forum69_test", "forum69_production"

Step 3: Open the file /config/database.yml and configure your db settings (username, password, host).

Step 4: Run the migration command to create all the tables and load the data necessary for forum69 to work.

rake db:migrate

With that forum69 should be set up and ready to go. If you are installed on localhost just start the server and go to http://localhost:3000/

Forum administration

You can login as a forum administrator with the username: admin and password: admin.

Immediately after that you should go to [edit my profile] and change the admin password.

To disable users and to edit user permissions go to [users]

To create a new forum you should create a new group first [add new group]

Then you can create a new forum under that group with [new forum] or [edit][delete] the group

Add a new forum

You can create unlimited number of groups and unlimited number of forums under each group.